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  • Clean-up at Monwabisi Beach, Cape Town
    At first sight the coast looks picture perfect. But a closer look reveals plastic and other debris lurking in the dunes and between rocks. This photo essay shows what I learnt about how plastic waste becomes hidden and the value of beach clean-ups.  The clean-up was organised by the Green Anglicans who arranged for volunteers from Eluvukweni church to travel from Crossroads to Monwabisi beach, in False Bay near Khayelitsha.  We arrived to find several other organisations also interested in bringing about change and environmental conservation. One group was designing a website to change the image of townships by showcasing entrepreneurshipContinue reading “Clean-up at Monwabisi Beach, Cape Town”
  • Mandela Day at Eluvukweni Church
    The valuing plastic recycling scheme stopped in March 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. But the congregation and neighbours of Eluvukweni Church in Crossroads in Cape Town continued to collect recyclables. On Mandela Day (18 July 2020) volunteers emptied the storage container and sorted recyclables ready to sell once restrictions on recycling were lifted. The following video shows the work involved and what 240 kilograms of plastic looks like. Why so much work? Not all plastic has the same value. Bottles have to be divided into clear, green and blue coloured plastic. Bottle tops are taken off. PlasticContinue reading “Mandela Day at Eluvukweni Church”
  • From zero to 80kg in two months
    This is a step by step overview of how we went about starting a small scale recycling project in Crossroads, Cape Town. Step 1. Starting out simple To keep things clean and simple, we asked people to collect only white paper and beverage packaging that could be easily rinsed (plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles). We chose PET because of all plastic, PET has the most value (R2 a kilo). But I didn’t realise that not all PET marked with a #1 symbol is recyclable. So I changed the instructions leaflet to encourage people to ignore numbers/symbols. Instead look forContinue reading “From zero to 80kg in two months”


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